What's going on?

The dancers at Star Garden in North Hollywood have been on strike since March 2022 for safer work conditions. We voted to unionize in November of last year. The owners challenged our votes; the NLRB hearing is May 15th.

Now the owners Steve + Jenny Kazaryan have filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying us the backpay that the NLRB is seeking as a remedy for the year-long lockout. In response, we're fundraising to buy the club!

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When we take over Star Garden, or open up at a different location, we will establish the only existing unionized, worker-owned co-op strip club in the country!

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We are teaming up with Stripper Co-op to produce an EPIC fundraiser show to buy the club! Join us for:


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All proceeds from our merchandise goes to our mutual aid fund to sustain us in this long campaign. Thank you!

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